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Record Breaking Players

Nick Hohns
Class of 2010

Nick Hohns had a breakout season in 2009 by tallying 25 goals and 6 assists. He held the All Time Point Leader and All Time Goal Record for 10 years.

Ben Aube
Class of 2021

Ben Aube holds the record for most shutouts in a season (8) while recording 17 wins in his Junior campaign.

Cade Viney
Class of 2020

Cade Viney holds the all time assist record recording 14 in 2019 leading the Hawks to back to back Conference Championships.

Drew Lovelace
Class of 2021

Drew Lovelace dominated for the Hawks his Junior year claiming the All Time Point Record (65) and All Time Goal Record (27) in 2019. Drew was also named Conference Player of the Year.

Golden Hawks All Time Point Leaders

Drew Lovelace2019271165
Nick Hohns200925656
Jonah Mulligan201520545
Cade Viney2019141442
Drew Lovelace*202016537
Calder Viney*202014735
Oscar Villata201215535
Keenan McDiarmid201315333
Cade Viney2018101030
Aaron Latique201481329
Jake Blendermann201981127
Ryan Gillespie201011426
Landon Lisenby20109725
Jonah Mulligan201411224
Keenan McDiarmid201210323
Tyler Shade20119321
Adolfo Ramirez20128521
Luke Lisenby201810020
Drew Lovelace20188420
Isshanne Chahhou20157620
Aaron Latique20136820

Note: 20 Point minimum to make Top List

*Shortened Season Due to Covid

Golden Hawks All Time Goal Leaders

Drew Lovelace201927
Nick Hohns200925
Jonah Mulligan201520
Drew Lovelace*202017
Calder Viney*202014
Keenan McDiarmid201315
Oscar Villalta201215
Cade Viney201914
Jonah Mulligan201411
Ryan Gillespie201011
Jonah Mulligan201411
Cade Viney201910
Luke Lisenby201810
Keenan McDiarmid201210

Note: 10 Goal minimum to make Top List

*Shortened Season Due to Covid

Golden Hawks All Time Assist Leaders

Cade Viney201914
Aaron Latique201413
Drew Lovelace201911
Jake Blendermann201811
Brent Mahasi201511
Cade Viney201810
Danny Moncada20199
Aaron Latique20138
Jackson Swink*20207
Calder Viney*20207
Landon Lisenby20107
Brent Mahasi20166
Ishanne Chahhou20156
Justin Gonzalez20126
Nick Hohns20096

Note: 6 Assist minimum to make Top List

*Shortened Season Due to Covid

Golden Hawks All Time Keeper Leaders

Ben Aube201971.06063
Ben Aube*202051.27121
Cason Brinson201441.074
David McCallum201341.602128
Hunter Nordberg201532.058

*Shortened Season Due to Covid