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Record Breaking Players

Mary Drue Atkins
Class of 2018

MD Atkins recorded a school record of 11 shutouts during her 2017 campaign. She has 32 career shutouts and has posted back to back seasons with at least 150 saves. She finished the 2018 campaign with a .948 GAA. She was awarded All – State, All-Region, and 1st Team All-Conference in 2017.

Kirsten Bootes
Class of 2015

Bootes led the SWAC Conference in scoring in 2013 by tallying 23 Goals and 5 Assists. She is the current all time leader in most goals and total points. Kirsten continued her soccer career at UNCW.

Dominique Babbitt
Class of 2014

Dominique has held many records for the Hawks. She tallied 19 assists in 2012 and 20 assists in 2014. Dominique continued her soccer career at the University of South Carolina.

Kathryn Vollrath
Class of 2014

KJ Vollrath was one of the most consistent players in Hawk History. KJ scored 45 goals throughout her 4 year varsity career. She was a double digit scorer in all four seasons. She scored 13, 13, and 15 goals respectively.

Golden Hawks All Time Point Leaders

Kirsten Bootes201423652
Emily Sapienza2017191048
Dominique Babbitt2012131945
Rachel Harris200920343
Annabelle Abbott2017121539
Dominique Babbitt201482036
Brooklyn Whitehead*202115535
Megan Poth201314735
Kathryn Vollrath201213228
Rachel Harris200912428
Sarah Brady200813127
Dominique Babbitt201310525
Megan Poth201212125
Kassie Jesrani201910323
Kassie Jesrani201811123
Megan Hanson*202111022
Olivia Womack*20218521
Abby Sanders20156921
Megan Poth20118521
Sierra Raynor20169220

Note: 20 Point minimum to make Top List

*Shortened Season due to Covid

Golden Hawks All Time Goal Leaders

Kirsten Bootes201423
Rachel Harris200920
Emily Sapienza201719
Brooklyn Whitehead2021*15
Kathryn Vollrath201415
Megan Poth201314
Stephanie Bristol200914
Kathryn Vollrath201313
Dominique Babbitt201213
Kathryn Vollrath201213
Sarah Brady200813
Annabelle Abbott201712
Megan Poth201212
Rachel Harris200812
Megan Hanson2021*11
Kassie Jesrani201811
Kassie Jesrani201910
Dominique Babbitt201310

Note: 10 Goal minimum to make Top List

*Shortened Season Due to Covid

Golden Hawks All Time Assist Leaders

Dominique Babbitt201420
Dominique Babbitt201219
Annabelle Abbott201715
Rachel Noel201312
Emily Sapienza201710
Rachel Noel201210
Abby Sanders20159
Abby Sanders20148
Megan Poth20137
Taylor Gaskins20186
Sierra Raynor20156
Kirsten Bootes20146

Note: 6 Assist minimum to make Top List

Golden Hawks All Time Career Leaders

Dominique Babbitt2011 - 20143747121
Kathryn Vollrath2011 - 20144511101
Megan Poth2010 - 2013371488
Kirsten Bootes2012 - 201533975
Rachel Harris2008 - 201132771
Stephanie Bristol2007 - 201130868
Kassie Jesrani2017 - 202127761
Megan Hanson2017 - 202127660
Emily Sapienza2017191048
Abby Sanders2012 - 2015132248
Olivia Womack2017 - 2021151141
Annabelle Abbott2017121539
Sierra Raynor2013 - 2016131137
Rachel Noel2010 - 201362436
Grace Glembocki2007 - 200914735

Note: 35 point minimum to make Top List

Golden Hawks All Time Keeper Leaders

Mary Drue Atkins201711.901155
Mary Drue Atkins20169.858157
Jensen Brendel20139.992102
Tori Long*20218.73953
Claire Gregorio20197.86368
Mary Drue Atkins20187.948137
Mary Drue Atkins20165.87167

*Shortened season due to Covid