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Conference Player of the Year

Dominique Babbitt



2014  HSprings Female Athlete of the Year
2014 Conference Player of the Year
2014 All South
2012, 2013, 2014 All State
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 All Region
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 All Conference
All Time Season Assist Leader (21)
All Time Career Point Leader (151)
#15 Jersey Retired

Sydney Romeo



2019 HSprings Female Athlete of the Year
2019 Conference Player of the Year
2019 All State
2018, 2019 All Region
2018, 2019 All Conference
2019 Conference Champion (12 - 0)
2019 East All-Star

All South

Dominique Babbitt2014SeniorCenter Midfield

All State

Olivia Womack2021SeniorCenter Midfield
Sydney Romeo2019SeniorCenter Back
Mary Drue Atkins2018SeniorKeeper
Dominique Babbitt2014SeniorCenter Midfield
Dominique Babbitt2013JuniorCenter Midfield
Dominique Babbitt2012SophomoreCenter Midfield

1st Team All Conference

Player YearGradePosition
Kylie Morris*2021SeniorCenter Back
Brooklyn Whitehead*2021JuniorStriker
Olivia Womack*2021SeniorCenter Midfield
Maddie Myott*2019SeniorCenter Midfield
Sydney Romeo*2019SeniorCenter Back
Olivia Womack*2019SophomoreCenter Midfield
Mary Drue Atkins2018SeniorKeeper
Maddie Myott*2018JuniorCenter Midfield
Sydney Romeo*2018JuniorCenter Back
Annabelle Abbott*2017FreshmenStriker
Emily Sapienza*2017FreshmenStriker
Sierra Raynor*2016SeniorStriker
Sierra Raynor*2015JuniorCenter Midfield
Dominique Babbitt2014SeniorCenter Midfield
Kirsten Bootes*2014JuniorStriker
Dominique Babbitt*2013JuniorCenter Midfield
Megan Poth*2013SeniorOutside Midfield
Dominique Babbitt*2012SophomoreCenter Midfield
Julie Fisher*2011SeniorCenter Back
Julie Fisher*2010JuniorCenter Back
Stephanie Bristol*2009SeniorCenter Midfield
Carson Castillo*2009SophomoreOutside Back
Grace Glembocki*2009SeniorCenter Midfield
Rachel Harris*2009SophomoreStriker
Katelyn Noel*2009JuniorCenter Midfield
Kate McDaniel*2009SeniorKeeper
Grace Glembocki*2008JuniorCenter Midfield
Rachel Harris*2008FreshmenStriker
Katelyn Noel*2008SophomoreCenter Midfield
Stephanie Bristol*2007FreshmenStriker
Grace Glembocki*2007SophomoreCenter Midfield

2nd Team All Conference

Megan Hanson*2021SeniorStriker
Tori Long*2021SeniorKeeper
Taylor Gaskins2019SeniorsOutside Back
Reagan Kulha*2019JuniorCenter Midfield
Jordan Womack2019SeniorOutside Back
Taylor Gaskins2018JuniorOutside Back
Mary Drue Atkins2017JuniorKeeper
Alyssa Poth2016JuniorOutside Back
Kelli Hays*2015SophomoreCenter Back
Alyssa Poth*2015SophomoreOutside Back
Kathryn Vollrath*2014SeniorStriker
Rachel Mitchum*2013SeniorCenter Back
Mary Anne Savage*2013SeniorCenter Back
Natalie Noel*2012SeniorCenter Back
Rachel Noel*2012JuniorCenter Midfield
Suzie Zigante*2012SeniorKeeper
Dominique Babbitt*2011FreshmenCenter Midfield
Rachel Noel*2011SophomoreCenter Midfield
Katelyn Noel*2010SeniorCenter Midfield

* Represents All Region Award